Pentesting, Also reffered to as penetration Testing is a well-Curated process focusing on assesment, analysis, and progression of authorized attacks on a given platform such as website, mobile application or Application Program interface.(API). The purpose of the process not only clings on the assumption of providing uninterrupted services but also the reputation of an entity.

In the Advent of The Internet of Things (IoT), There is a lot of data classification, which if well curated, can lead to picking out the unique behavious of an individual or set of individuals. As a result, Governments have developed vaious laws, codes, regulations or policies that are made to surrender the obligation of data protection to the public and private entities not to mention people, Therefore, an entity must engage in taking measures that identify possible loopholes in their respective platforms, with a view of reducing data breach or unauthorized access of data.

Our Team offers a strategic penetration testing module as per the clients requirements: Network Module. Website and Wireless Network, Social Engineering, cloud and physical.

Penetration services require to be underataken by professionals whoa are professional as it is a relationship based on trust. As a result, it will be unfortunate if an unprofessional individual withholds essential information to utilize, Our team is composed of very talented and professional individuals.

Our penetration Testing is not only guided by the primary application of verious software and code to assess a system but in consideration with a relevant applicable laws of a given region. For instance while offering Penetration Testing for a company in European Union, It is imperative to factor General Data Protection Regulations, 2016 (GDPR) in Kenya is Data Protection Act,2018, California is California Consumer Protection Act, 2019, among others.

Our findings while conduction Penetration Testing remain a discussion and communication between the authorized persons at Zillah Tecnologies LTD and hiring client. further, we advice on how client can go around sorting out the loopholes or bugs that can result in exploitation.



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