Allow Us to improve your security by installing one of our automated Access control solutions within your premises. Our wide selection of devices include proximity card readers, biometric (Fingerprint) scanners, PIN code and Iris Scanners.

Access control allows you to monitor the movement of everyone who has access to your premises, which means you can control who can go where and at what time, allowing you to keep access int restricted areas limited to authorized personel only. It also gives you a log of all movement across access points, providing your security team with valuable evidence in the event of an intrusion into a secured area.

Access Control Systems also improve employee productivity by onitoring panctuality and can be integrated with your payroll systems to auto-generate attendance records, which come in handy to pay-day.

In terms of security, Access Control is an effective lng term, cost saving startegy for businesses. Clients Cn request that the system be configured to request for addidtinal credentials (Such as PIN code) before being granted entry, which then negates the need to have all checkpoints manned by guards.

And while keys are easily lost, your biometric fingerprint is intact for life. in the case of proximity cards, it is easy as deactivating any lost or stolen cards rather than having to replace locks in the case of the traditionsl Lock-and-key solutions.

Lastly, Our Systems can also be integrated with CCTV and Intercom software to ensure that you have all your bases covered.



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