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The plugin enables the customer to have an option of paying for goods using M-PESA mobile money service from a WordPress site that has WooCommerce plugin installed. The plugin adds an option on the checkout section for paying through M-PESA (A mobile payment platform). In order to use the plugin, one must get a Paybill or Till number, which is a unique number that will act as an account where the payments from the customer will be channeled. After this, one must create an account on the Safaricom’s Daraja Portal and link this Paybill or Till number to the account created on the portal. The portal will enable you to get the following: Passkey Consumer Key Consumer Secret Enpoints for Sandbox/Production for authentication and payment request. These details should be filled after activating the plugin and will be stored in your website. The above setup is to ensure that it is the site owner who has full control over the payment details of the Paybill or Till number. When the customer clicks on the Pay button on the payment page, the plugin will initiate a payment authentication request to the customer. The customer will then accept or decline the payment from the personal mobile phone and the callback will be sent from the portal with details of the customer’s action. This is what is then used to determine if to change the status of the order or not.

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