How Tech Entrepreneurs Are Focusing On Self-Improvement

September 21 marks National IT Professionals Day in 2021, and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate and learn from the experts who keep our technical operations and processes—and therefore our businesses—running smoothly and successfully. These individuals might not have been considered front-line workers during the pandemic, but they still deserve our heartfelt thanks. Across industries, IT professionals worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure businesses remained open during lockdowns and the ensuing switch to remote work, allowing their organizations to deliver vital products and services to customers around the world.

By all accounts, it was a seismic shift. According to research from McKinsey, the pandemic accelerated the digitization of internal company operations and customer interactions by three to four years—a lifetime in a business world that already operates at breakneck speed. The effects of that shift are still being felt, and the reality is that IT is under more pressure than ever. Despite the fact that only 37% of IT departments were able to meet all of their business commitments in 2020, data from MuleSoft’s 2021 Connectivity Benchmark Report illustrates that IT is being asked to complete 30% more projects this year with just a 6% increase in budget.